Attorney Work Product Privilege

In the American civil processes, work product policy protects the materials which are prepared in the hope for courtroom proceedings from being detected by the opposing advocate. This is a well-known regulation, often termed as work product regulation, work-product protection, or work-product exemption.

It is also termed as work product privilege. This is said so as it is considered as an advantage which the law provides to the attorney as well as the people who hire them. This particular is not available in many countries, where civil as well as legal processes are much more limited.

While handling a case, it is often seen that the lawyers or the attorneys have to find out or know about various private documents, facts, pieces of information about the client as well as their family and other pertinent individuals. In this case, the attorney cannot disclose anything about the case to anyone.

The work product policy or doctrine

Many university essays read about this work product policy and exclusively its privileges. It is stated in the policy that any kinds of material which collected for the courtroom proceedings have to be protected by the lawyer or the attorney on behalf of his or her client.

An expert opinion of the protection which is given to the documents of a case is stated below.

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The comparison of the work product policy with the attorney-client concession

The work-product policy has some fundamental differences from the attorney-client policy. The attorney-client policy only talked about the interactions between a lawyer and his or her client. But the work product policy involves all the documents which are prepared by the lawyer and also many other people. The documents can also be prepared by anyone, who knows about the legal regulations and policies. Confidentiality is also a very big part of the attorney-client policy.

The lawyer-client privilege actually shields from revelation to any third parties, the very private attorney-client interactions. The main purpose of the lawyer-client policy is to endorse and encourage very open interactions between the lawyers and the clients.

Work product policy in a way can be considered to be wide-ranging than the lawyer-client privilege as it offers protections extensively and the protections are not only limited to the mere interactions between the lawyer and the client or some exposal of confidential matters.

The policy also deals with mental impressions, legal theories, perspective or opinions of the attorneys, their clients, the opposing party, their lawyers and even judges or the witnesses. But the work product policy does not offer absolute protection like the lawyer-client privilege is not absolute. The work product policy of protection can be easily waived.

Expert opinion about the comparison of the work product policy with the attorney-client concession is stated below.

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In conclusion, it can be said that the work-product regulation deals with the materials which are prepared by the third party, mainly due to the appeal of the lawyer or the client while preparing or a lawsuit.